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We as a reputable construction company in Fiji, possess all necessary plants and equipments to carry out some very substantial contracts.

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OHS Policy
At Fortech we are committed to the provision and maintenance of healthy and safe workplace for all our employees, sub-contractors and visitors.

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OHS Policy

At Fortech we are committed to the provision and maintenance of healthy and safe workplace for all our employees, sub-contractors and visitors.

We trust that healthy and safety ranks equally with the responsibilities for the production, sales and profits.

Management will ensure that everything practicable is done to prevent injury or illness arising from under practices and hazards in the workplace.

The participation of employees will be encouraged in the development of occupational health rehabilitation and safety programs and procedures.

We expect all our employees to be individually and collectively responsible for working in a healthy and safe manner, to encourage others to work in a healthy and safe manner and to cooperate with, support and promote occupational health, rehabilitation and safety in the workplace.

We will comply with occupational health and safety legislation and provide the resources and training to enable Fortech Construction Ltd's management and employees to comply with their statutory obligation.

This policy commits Fortech Construction Limited since occupational ease rehabilitation and safety programmed as an interglacial well quality manager philosophy.

Rules, Regulations & Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of our company to ensure that all our employees are in compliance with the OHS requirements, therefore the following rules, regulations and responsibilities must be followed by all our employees.
  • All workers are required to wear safety boots and hardhat at all times while working or entering a work place for other work purposes at any job sites.
  • Other safety equipments such as ear muffs, nose musk, safety goggles, hand gloves, safety belts etc should be worn by worker in respective to the nature of the work.
  • It is the duty of the site Safety representative to provide the safety equipments (apart form safety boots), supplied by the company, as requested by the workers and to ensure that all workers (including sub-contractors) comply with the safety rules.
  • It is the duty of every worker to use the safety equipments (provided to them) wisely and in appropriate manner.
  • The site foreman/supervisor should always show to the workers the procedures of safe system of work.
  • It is the duty of each and every worker to work safely and get others work safely too.
  • Every worker should ensure that the workplace is neat and tidy - safe site keeping.
  • The duty of the site foreman is to ensure that the work area is of safe condition to work on before assigning appropriate tasks to the workers every day.
  • The site foreman should always give full instruction and safe work procedures to every worker while assigning them the tasks.
  • The workers should always ensure that the tasks assigned to them are being carried out in accordance to the site foreman's instructions and procedures.
  • Every worker should immediately inform to the site foreman/supervisor of any hazards (dangers) or of any accidents.
  • It is the duty of the site foreman to report immediately to the management of any accident, which happens on the site, and help the management in investigate the course of the accident.
  • It is the duty of the management to report the accidents to the OHS safety officers at Ministry of Labour & Industrial Relations and action on all requirements by the Department.
  • Site workers should not allow any visitors without site foreman's authority.
  • Site foreman/supervisor should ensure that all necessary safety signs and precautions are placed in position at all times.

Management and the personals in-charge should ensure that the above regulations are being strictly followed.